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Puppy Culture

Puppy Culture is a comprehensive program that keep us focused and always moving forward to build healthy, confident and social vizsla puppies.  It is a systematic approach that moves from early neurological stimulation, to crate acclimation, to potty training, manding and leash walking, to name just a few.  Every litter, and every pup is treated as an individual and the learning timeline is led by their developmental milestones.   We have started documenting some of the progress here.


Prenatal Period

Finding the perfect place for Momma

Each of our girls is an individual, with preferences to how quiet or remote their whelping location is.  During the week leading up to whelping, we help settle our Mommas into their happy place.  With some girls its a private space in the family room by the fire, and for others its a private suite that is always video monitored.

Neonatal Period 

Whelping and support

Someone is with the Momma 24/7 for at minimum the first 4 days.   This is for birthing safety, puppy monitoring and making sure Momma is happy and adjusting to Motherhood.  


Transitional Period

Puppies Lap up Liquids

We start our puppies on a slurry of goats milk and ground raw meat.

Socialization - week one

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