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We love Vizslas !  They make a wonderful family dog for an active household.  Vizslas are clean, easy to train and very attached to their owners.  They are not a kennel dog or a backyard or garage living breed.  They need to be part of their human family.  They are sensitive,  and emotionally aware of family dynamics.

During my career in small animal practice I of course have seen many wonderful dogs, but my heart is with the vizsla.   The vizsla excels in being versatile,  hunting, swimming, obedience and cuddling ! 

Unfortunately,  my experience in North America is that the breed is becoming overly excitable, nervous and has extreme exercise needs.   Of course all dogs love their time to run and play,  but as a full time working family, I believe the breeding of family dogs needs to focus on balanced personalities as well as beauty.   In Hungary, where the Vizsla originates, the dogs are still very much an emotionally balanced all around dog.  This is why many of my foundation breeding dogs have been imported. 

As a breeder I do compete and show my dogs, but as a behavouralist I know that the happiest vizslas are the ones that are family pets and that is where I look to home most of my dogs.  As a breeder, I don't need dozens of my puppies living the show dog life just to make a name for myself.  The lifelong families and happy homes are reward enough. 

Let me say here that I do require an interview with you if you are interested in a RD Dog.  We can chat on the phone or in person,  but simply filling out an online form doesn't work for me.  My dogs and their family become my extended family over the years.

Puppies grow and learn by going though developmental milestones and windows of learning just like people.  The weeks that the pups spend with me shape their whole lives.  I take this very seriously and as a bahaviouralist make sure that those learning opportunities are met to the fullest.  I want my dogs and their families to be set up for a lifetime of success.  Nothing is more heartbreaking for a family than hte breakdown of a home.  Our lives are busy.  Start off right by adding a puppy to your home that

has been raised for success.

RD Pups are generally around $2500 Canadian. 

Puppies come to you vaccinated, microchipped and registered.  They come with a 2 year health guarantee and lifelong veterinary and behavioural support.  They are raised using "Puppy Culture" protocols.  By the time they go to their new families they are familiar with crate training, introductory obedience, leash walking and house breaking.  They have been positively programmed with children, uniforms, beards, wheelchairs, water and boats ( weather permitting) bath time and nail trims... just to name a few.   Our pups have all the tools they need for lifelong success.  

A deposit of $500 holds your place in line,  and at the time they are born, you can declare the gender you are wanting.  Together, at 7 weeks old,  the new families and myself pick the best pup match for each family home, based on the personalities of the dogs and the dynamic of the households.  The weekends the pups are 6 and 7 weeks we hold socialization days by invitation. If you would like to meet the dogs of RD, this is the time to do it !  Puppies generally go home around 9 weeks. 

When the pups leave, they will go with a few toys, a collar, a blanket that smells like their dog family, paperwork, health records and a bag of food and/or raw diet. 

In an ideal world,  all the puppies and rescue dogs could be adopted by families with the time and knowledge to prepare their doggy brains for life adapted with humans.  Unfortunately, our world ha has created such demands on our family time this is often impossible.  At RD we raise a puppy that already has that time and training invested in them,  they are simply looking for loving families to be apart of. 

Does it get much cuter ___ Love this cal
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